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Be Our next New Home Owner....
SSOH Self Help Housing Office
at 334-683-4666

Self-Help Housing has provided an opportunity for more
than 50,000 rural low, and very-low income people. Putting
a roof over the heads of those who need shelter. Building
financial equity for individuals and families, and creating
homes and communities that are bound together by their
common effort, is what this program is all about.

Sowing Seeds of Hope is proud to say we have built 14
New Homes in Perry County.

    Did we see the hungry and refuse
    them something to eat,

    the thirsty and deny them drink,

    the stranger and offer no

    the naked and provide no clothing,

    the sick and offer no care,

            the prisoner and neglect to visit?

    If we have refused these
    ministries, then we have also
    rejected God.

    SSOH Founding Scripture
    Matthew 25.